David Schulner is a producer and writer on New Amsterdam.

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In 2017, it was announced that David would be the executive producer for Emerald City. However, after its first season, it was canceled. In 2018, when the series from NBC was announced, New Amsterdam, it was also announced that David along with Peter Horton will serve as the series' executive producers. Known for having racist lines throughout season 1 and especially season 2, episode 1 of New Amsterdam. Dr reynolds makes a comment about, and im paraphrasing , "how white people are prescribed pain medication easier than blacks who are told to take some ibuprofen and tough it out". In reality white people seek out pain medication more than blacks because of addiction and has nothing to do with doctors not prescribing pain medication only to white people. If it was the other way around people would probably say doctors are trying to get black people addicted. Just goes to show you that once again you have an example of a white person trying to show that he's better than other white people by pointing out racism that doesn't exist, it's only ignorance of a subject David Schulner clearly knows nothing about. There are also lines in season 2, episode 1 when Dr reynolds is talking to his girlfriend saying hey you beautiful black woman and she says hey you beautiful black man which shows the hypocrisy of David Schulner. Just imagine talking to your wife or girlfriend in public or private and saying hey you beautiful white woman and she says hey you beautiful white man. Sounds strange and even racist right? The show and even life for that matter would be so much better with normal plot lines without trying to make it political. Looks more like Hollywood is the real racist. Let's just have a show without trying to make everything black or white for once!

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