Ella is a recurring character on New Amsterdam and a barista at Pain de Vie, New Amsterdam Medical Center's cafe. She and Vijay Kapoor have a close relationship, with Kapoor hinting at a possible relationship with Ella, however she dismissed him and eventually became romantically involved with his son, Rohan; she later becomes pregnant with Rohan's child.

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Ella reveled that she was pregnant with Vijay’s grandchild in Replacement. Rohan told his father that he was going on tour with his band but he was really just running away from the whole situation.

Ella was unsure how she could handle the pregnancy because of her OCD and was considering an abortion. Due to her uncertaincies she asked Vijay not to tell anyone about the baby but he had already told Iggy.

During the Code Silver, Vijay found Ella in a hallway having a panic attack. He helped her manage her OCD symptoms by getting her to sort cups. She also revealed that she was worried that she had lost the baby because her OCD makes her imagine the worst possible scenarios, but Kapoor used his stethoscope to let her listen to the heartbeat.

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