Dr. Floyd Reynolds is a main protagonist on New Amsterdam. He is the Head of Cardiovascular Surgery at New Amsterdam Medical Center, having been promoted after Max Goodwin fired all of the department heads.

Floyd struggles initially with possible feelings coming from his relationship with Lauren Bloom whilst in a relationship with Evie Garrison, and he goes to visit her whilst she is in rehab. He further struggles when Max goes into meltdown, questioning every decision Floyd is making as a doctor — even to the point that he considers resigning from New Amsterdam, having lost faith in Max.

History[edit | edit source]

In the start of the show we learn that Lauren and Floyd had a casual fling. But Floyd had a plan and Lauren didn't fit into it. Later on in the show, we learn at the start of Floyd's internship as a Cardiovascular Surgeon he was arrested for speeding and he decided to face this history.

Towards the end of Season 1 Floyd meets Evie Garrison (His future Fiancée) They're relationship continues to further. Just before the crash in 'Luna' Reynold's proposes to Evie.

At the end of Season 2 Floyd leaves New Amsterdam for San Francisco with Evie.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was originally reported that Floyd's last name would be Pearson, however, after the first episode aired, his last name was reportedly Reynolds.

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this is my OR. Out there it is a democracy but in here it’s a full on dictatorship

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