Georgia Goodwin is a recurring character on New Amsterdam. She was Max Goodwin's wife. She passed away from a brain bleed in season 2 episode 1.


Throughout New Amsterdam SeriesEdit

Relationship with MaxEdit

Georgia's relationship with Max is heavily strained prior to his position of Medical Director at New Amsterdam Medical Center. Max promised to take time off work to focus on her and their unborn child, therefore she is furious when he accepts Peter Fulton's job offer. Nevertheless, she supports him.

When she finds out that he has cancer in Anthropocene, she is fully supportive and attends a meeting with Helen Sharpe in The Domino Effect to talk possible treatments. She agrees to stand by Max's side throughout his treatment despite dealing with a pregnancy. Things become more difficult with Max's cancer in As Long As It Takes, when Max collapses whilst alone with Georgia. She calls for medical help, but has to perform a tracheotomy in Six or Seven Minutes on Max by herself — a feat that deeply unnerves her.

She continues attending birthing classes with Max, despite him attempting to juggle his job as Medical Director and simultaneously attending chemotherapy sessions.


Georgia's pregnancy seems to be going well and the baby is healthy through the majority of her term. However, in Luna, her placenta ruptures and she begins bleeding out alone in the apartment with Max. She quickly fades out of consciousness, but Lauren Bloom is luckily in the area and is able to assist with the trauma. Despite Bloom's best efforts, medical attention is too far away and she warns Max that he will have to choose between his child or Georgia. Max refuses to decide, and Bloom delivers the child through emergency C-Section. Medical help arrives just in time to aid Georgia, however the ambulance crashes on their way to the hospital. She unfortunately dies due to a brain bleed at New Amsterdam Hospital.


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