"Max when you need me, I'm here for you for all of it. But not at the expense of my patients"

Dr. Helen Sharpe is a main character on New Amsterdam. She is the head of Oncology, and Deputy Medical Director at New Amsterdam Medical Center.

Prior to Max Goodwin's leadership at New Amsterdam, she has little time in the office, instead, she traveled promoting the hospital on television and news broadcasts. However, when Max takes over, she returns to her position as a doctor, eventually becoming Max's doctor when he finds out he has cancer. The two have a very close relationship, but their feelings are both complicated. She is dismissed from her duties as Deputy Medical Director and Co-Head of Oncology in The Island, after taking a patient to a safe-injection site but gets her job back in Perspectives after Castro quits.

History[edit | edit source]

Dr. Sharpe attended the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, where she acquired her degree. She further completed her foundation program and specialty registrar at Kings College London, and further residences at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and New Amsterdam Medical Center. Sometime later, she became board certified in adult and pediatric hematology.

Throughout New Amsterdam Series[edit | edit source]

Return to medicine[edit | edit source]

Prior to Max Goodwin's leadership of New Amsterdam Medical Center, Sharpe did not participate in many surgeries, nor was she actively participating in the medical field. Rather, she worked on publicizing and attracting inward investment to New Amsterdam by appearing on news broadcasts or other televised events. When Max took over, he realized that whilst Sharpe was an investment-asset, she was also a brilliant doctor. He urged her to return back to work, and shortly after she did so.

Returning to work was difficult for Sharpe, however for one of her first cases, she took on Max's cancer; providing him with a detailed treatment plan and urging him to attend chemotherapy — although he rarely did in this regard. Sharpe truly began to realize the effects of Max's cancer in Preventable, when he begins unfairly chastising Dr. Reynolds for loosing his patient. Sharpe passes Max to Dr. Virginia Stauton, who becomes his doctor. When Max begins taking double-chemotherapy, Sharpe further realizes his condition, especially when he collapses and is unable to walk. She orders that he take time off to truly get better, leaving her to run the hospital. He eventually agrees and goes home to rest with his wife.

Prior to returning home, the relationship between Sharpe and Max becomes increasingly difficult and complex in Sanctuary. When a power outage in New Amsterdam threatens the lives of all of the patients, Sharpe believes that Max is being naïve — an effect of his cancer — to think that they can trust an ex-convict to power back up the hospital. Sharpe pushes for triage and selection of patients they can truly save, however Max disagrees. Max is eventually correct, and they are able to save all of the patients when the power returns.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sharpe becomes increasingly aware that she is approaching menopause, and begins searching for a potential suitor to engage in a relationship with and eventually have children. At the same time, her relationship with Max is questioned, as they both seem drawn to one another — a fact that is announced by a psychic in King of Swords. The two know that their current bond got in the way of Max's treatment so Sharpe decides to stop being his doctor. Sharpe eventually begins a relationship with Dr. Akash Panthaki. The relationship becomes quite serious, and the two talk about children in the future. Sharpe becomes increasingly confused when she finds out that Akash has two children from a previous relationship in The Forsaken, and questions why Akash did not tell her. Nonetheless, the two carry on their relationship and eventually, Sharpe freezes her eggs for possibly fertilization in the future. In This Is Not The End, Helen's relationship with Dr. Panthaki ends for reasons unknown. The Season 2 finale, A Matter of Seconds, shows Sharpe beginning a relationship with Dr. Cassian Shin.

Demotion at New Amsterdam[edit | edit source]

Sharpe enjoys a secure career as Co-Head of Oncology and Hematology as swell as Deputy Medical Director at New Amsterdam. However in What the Heart Wants, Sharpe is arrested for taking one of her patients to a safe-injection site. Despite being bailed-out by Dr. Castro, Karen Brantley and the Board of Directors at New Amsterdam Medical Center find out about the arrest. In return, she is stripped of her titles as Deputy Medical Director and Co-Head of Oncology and Hematology.[1]

[edit | edit source]

Promotion at New Amsterdam[edit | edit source]

Helen gets promoted back to Head of Oncology and Hematology as well as Deputy Medical Director. Since she found out about Dr Valentina Castro's trials having altered results. In an effort to have Sharpe not report her, she tenders her resignation to Max. She says that her results were compromised, due to her role as head of Oncology and Hematology. The next day Helen was promoted to Head of Oncology and Hematology, she then also regains her position of Deputy Medical Director.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was originally called ‘Hana’ but her name was changed to ‘Helen’ because there was a real doctor with the name Hana Sharpe.
  • Dr. Sharpe is known for being practical, realistic, and polite.
  • She was raised as an only child. In season 3 episodes 3 we find out she had a younger half brother who died that day.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Everything I have I done. I have done for you"

'I can't be your friend and your doctor and your deputy, so I have to choose. I-I have to triage us."

"I like your hat."

"Swallow your pride. Keep your head down and do the one damn thing Max asked of you."

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