Karen Brantley is a wealthy businesswoman and the Chair of the Board of Directors at New Amsterdam Medical Center. She clashes with Max Goodwin frequently at the hospital, but appreciates the positive direction the hospital is heading with his changes, despite the dissaproval from the Board.


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114 — Max and Brantley

Max and Karen talk about Fulton's position as Dean.

Brantley does not feature heavily during the initial employment of Max Goodwin at New Amsterdam Medical Center, but remains in a powerful position on the Board. She first makes an appearance in The Forsaken, when she tells Max that the Board is dissatisfied with Peter Fulton's work as Dean, and is voting on whether he remains in his position — the board eventually votes that Fulton be relieved of his position, despite Max faking his heart attack.

She later becomes more involved in the runnings of New Amsterdam, despite having took a backseat role initially. Max becomes reckless in Brantley's eyes with the decision he is making as Medical Director, including the decision to take on large corporate pharmaceutical companies.[1] It becomes even more difficult for Brantley when Max begins shipping insulin from Canada, and Brantley must deal with the ramifications.

Further complications arise for Brantley when Max tries to force an insurance company to change its policy, and attempts to start a "visiting nurse" program. Brantley is opposed to the idea — given it would not generate revenue for the hospital — but Max argues that the Board should vote on the idea.[2] The Board eventually refuse the program, and Max makes it his business to get another representative on the Board; he is eventually successful, much to Brantley's dismay.


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