"King of Swords" is the sixteenth episode of New Amsterdam. It was aired on March 12, 2019.


A historic blizzard hits New York City, crippling the city. Max discovers that a nearby accident is making it impossible for ambulances to reach New Amsterdam and decides to send doctors to the patients instead. Working in teams of two, teams of doctors are dispatched. Dr. Reynolds tries to save a man that slipped and was impaled on a fence spike while rushing to deliver his husband's insulin. Dr. Frome gets stuck on the roof with a suicidal patient while trying to fix his weather antenna. Dr. Kapoor's patient ends up in critical condition and most likely will not make it through the night and he goes out in the blizzard to retrieve her husband. Max and Dr. Sharpe respond to an unresponsive woman, who claims to be psychic and says things to both Max and Dr. Sharpe, which cause them to evaulate their relationship with each other. As they return to the hospital and begin speaking to each other about what their patient told them, the hospital's power goes out. Meanwhile Dr. Bloom struggles at rehab, sidestepping requests to help a patient that has overdosed and is stealing medication.



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