Lauren Bloom is a main character on New Amsterdam.


Lauren was raised in New York City in a wealthy, upper-class family. Her mother, Jeanine, who Lauren refers to as "Hurricane Jeanine," was a New York socialite. Jeanine hosted many parties, and everyone there knew her mother had a drinking problem. No one cared though, because Jeanine was "the life of the party." Her father (un-named), ran a Dermatologist clinic and turned it into a million dollar business. He was often away from the house leaving Lauren to look after her alcoholic mother when she was as young as seven-years-old.

A year before Lauren went to college (it is unclear if it was before her undergrad or medical school), her father passed away. Lauren went to Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Rather than attend NYU as she promised her family. Lauren went away for school in order to get away from her mother's alcoholism. Lauren's younger sister, Vanessa, was twelve-years-old at the time. Since then Vanessa has been to rehab four times. Lauren blames herself for this, because she left Vanessa with their mother at such a young age.

Lauren describes herself as a "interesting child." She loved the comic, Sandstorm. Her favorite character is the protagonist, Gemini, and Lauren's first crush was Gemini's boyfriend a "one eyed meteor beast." Additionally, Lauren was diagnosed with ADHD, a medical condition, at age 12 and was prescribed Adderall.

Season 1Edit


  • Lauren has ADHD, a mental health condition, and manages it with medication. She, however, feels ashamed of it and as a result, keeps the pills in an ibuprofen bottle as a disguise.[1]
  • Lauren begins taking too much Adderall and overworks herself. This causes tension with Dr. Sharpe.
  • She has a small tattoo of a star on her right hand.
  • When she was a kid her first crush was a "one eyed meteor beast" from the comic Sandstorm.
  • Her mother, is a New York Socialite and an alcoholic.
  • Her sister, is in rehab for the 4th time.
  • Lauren tends to put her left arm on her hip.
  • Lauren has a strange reaction to Adderall, as it appears to increase the severity of her ADHD symptom.



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