Luna Goodwin is the only daughter of Max and Georgia Goodwin; and is named after Max’s deceased sister. Max and Georgia both agreed to cut down on their work comitments before getting pregnant. However, after Luna was conceived, Max agreed to take the job of Medical Director at New Amsterdam. Georgia found out only after he had accepted the job and kicked Max out of their apartment

History[edit | edit source]

Pregnancy[edit | edit source]

In Pilot, Georgia was dancing whilst being visably pregnant. By the end of the episode she had called Max saying there was something wrong with the baby as she was bleeding. The doctors initally struggled to find Luna’s heartbeat, causing distress to her parents. Georgia was later diagnosed with Placenta Previa and was placed on bed rest.

While Max was recuperating following his cancer treatment Georgia‘s placenta abruptly ruptured. Max was covered in blood as Lauren arrived at the door.[1] Lauren was tasked with the decision to either save Georgia's life, or deliver the baby and save her life. Max was unable to make the decision and Lauren took the decision to deliver the baby despite the lack of equipment and the possibility that Georgia could bleed to death.[2]

Georgia is eventually saved when Helen and other doctors from New Amsterdam arrive. Luna is handed to Georgia in the back of the ambulance once she has woken up, and Georgia remarks that she is beautiful. The ambulance is involved in a head-on collision shortly after, and Georgia is killed.

Max's return to reality[edit | edit source]

Max struggles with the loss of his wife following the crash and three months later, he is still seeing his dead wife. Luna cries frequently and "Georgia" tells Max that it is his turn to check on her; he remarks that it is always his turn.[3] Luna is seen in multiple episodes of this season as Max juggles his roles at the hospital and his new baby.

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