Dr. Max Goodwin, M.D. is a main character on New Amsterdam. He is the newest medical director at New Amsterdam Medical Center who plans to turn around the hospital's reputation and make it great again.

On day 5 the clinic’s management wants to fire him. He was employed to make changes – their changes - but Max has different plans how to run the hospital. After Max said „If you fire me, you will help save my marriage and I will be eternally grateful. If you let me stay, I will do everything I can to save this hospital, and you will get all the credit.“ he gets 6 months (Max: „Give me three“) to be successful.

Notes Edit

  • jogs to work
  • speaks Spanish
  • wants to help the doctors help their patients
  • likes hospitals
  • he and his sister Luna were born at New Amsterdam Hospital. Luna also died there at the age of 8. She had a hospital-acquired infection.
  • Quote: "Working here, being able to save someone else's sister or someone's daughter … It's a dream come true for me."


Season 1Edit


Season 1Edit


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