New Amsterdam Medical Center, sometimes refered to as New Amsterdam Hospital, is a large public-hospital built in 1766 and located in New York City. The popularity of the hospital has increased due to its larger percentage of pro-bono treatments.

Departments[edit | edit source]

  • Cardiac Surgical Department
  • Neurological Department
  • Emergency Departmant
  • Psychology Department
  • Oncology Department

Employees[edit | edit source]

The Board of Directors[edit | edit source]

Doctors[edit | edit source]

Improvements made by Max[edit | edit source]

When Max Goodwin was appointed as the Medical Center's new Medical Director, he made a number of changes to better both the reputation and the running of the hospital. Some of the things he did were controversial, but have helped make New Amsterdam better than previously.

  • All departments that favor money over well-being of patients are fired
  • Max fires the complete cardiac surgical department because it has the highest infections and death rate in New York City. The doctors were corrupt and lazy and their billing rates were too high, except Dr. Reynold. He had the lowest in the whole department. Reynolds is the only cardiac surgical doctor who is allowed to stay – he becomes head of department. Max wants him to build a new (good) cardiac surgical department.
  • Farmer’s Market in the hospital (via Frome)
  • Dispose of the candy machine in the pediatric (via Frome)
  • On Dr. Bloom’s request New Amsterdam gets rid of the waiting room in the emergency department. The patients will be moved directly to the first available bed.
  • Employment of more nurses for the emergency unit
  • Employment of 6 new therapists with training in CBT and DBT
  • Employment of 50 new attendings (Max doesn’t want untrained residents to run the hospital any longer)
  • Weekly team-meetings with nurses and caretakers for fulfilled, efficient work that is free of harassment
  • Group-appointments, where patients with related issues (like diabetes or high blood pressure) have one shared appointment
  • No screens while dealing with patients

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • New Amsterdam is like a small town: has a public school, prison ward and facilities for the UN.
  • They performed the world's first C-section in the world's first maternity ward.
  • New Amsterdam is America's first public Hospital.
  • Patients don't need insurance or money, every patient will be treated — this policy is known as pro-bono.
  • It is America’s first hospital with a courtroom in the building. This was they can advocate for their patients in real time.
  • The hospital has its own car plus driver (Helen often used it)
  • There is a room called "Kangaroo Care" where volunteers provide low birth weight premies with human contact – skin-to-skin.
  • It's filmed in and around the real life Bellevue Medical Centre!

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