Peter Fulton, commonly known as Dean Fulton, is the former Dean of numerous hospitals, including New Amsterdam Medical Center. He hires Max Goodwin to turn the struggling hospital around, and is one of the only board members to truly value patient care over monetary gain.

Due to his position on New Amsterdam's policy of patient care over profit, Fulton is voted out of his position as Dean by the Board of Directors. Max attempts to stop this, but is unsuccessful.

Throughout New Amsterdam SeriesEdit

Hiring MaxEdit

Fulton hires Max in a bid to turn New Amsterdam around given its previous history. Fulton is initially skeptical — as is everyone else — over Max's methods to help New Amsterdam, however is soon brought around to see things from Max's perspective. He learns to admire what Max is doing at the hospital, and reiterates that he values patient care over profit, unlike many others, including the board. Things become increasing tough between Max and Fulton in Anthropocene, when Fulton warns Max that he could loose his job if he fails to secure funding during the gala.

Furthermore, Max and Fulton clash once again when Fulton warns Max about rivalling his hospital to secure extra funding. Despite Fulton's warnings, Max does not stand down and attempts to secure the funding for New Amsterdam.


In The Forsaken, Fulton warns Max that the board want to increase profitability of New Amsterdam. He asks Max to meet with one of the board members, a particularly vocal one, in an attempt to convince her otherwise. Max meets with her, and she reveals that the board is voting wether to keep Fulton as Dean, or vote him out. Max attempts to keep Fulton as Dean by faking a heart attack, however it is no use, and the board vote him out.


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