Vijay Kapoor is a main character on New Amsterdam. He is the Head of Neurology at New Amsterdam Medical Center and a respected Neurologist.

Kapoor has a complex relationship with his son, Rohan, that deteriorated quickly after his wife died. The two fell out of contact, and Kapoor focused more and more on work. However, he does reach out and the two grow closer, but little results are seen and the two loose touch quite quickly once again.


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Relationship with EllaEdit

Shortly after Max Goodwin takes control at New Amsterdam Medical Center, in Every Last Minute, Kapoor befriends the hospitals barista, Ella. The two become increasingly closer during the latter half of season one, with Kapoor explaining his family troubles with his son, Rohan. Kapoor uses his friendship with Ella as a platform to vent, and she eventually convinces him to reconnect with him in Cavitation. Their reunion is sweet, but short lived, as the two clash when Kapoor offers to send Rohan money — a sentiment he does not agree with, or like.

His relationship with Rohan is increasingly strained, and so too does his relationship with Ella become. They stop talking, and his friendship with Ella almost fades away.


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