Vijay Kapoor is a main character in New Amsterdam. He is the Head of Neurology at New Amsterdam Medical Center and a respected neurologist.

Kapoor has a complex relationship with his son, Rohan, that deteriorated quickly after his wife died. The two fell out of contact, and Kapoor focused more and more on work. However, he does reach out and the two grow closer, but little results are seen and the two loose touch quite quickly once again.


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Relationship with EllaEdit

They begin as friends when she attends to him while the absentminded thinks of her son, begins to get along and even lends him 2000 dollars so that she can cure her chihuahua dog who has cancer but the relationship is complicated when she begins dating her son. Since he believes that the one he uses to take revenge on the fact that he did not give him money to finance his new album.

Vijay when trying to explain this to her so that no more misunderstandings in the story is not expressed well and She ends up interpreting what he tries to say is that it is not beautiful and cute enough to be loved as it is but must be to use it.

At one point, they both believed the other had feelings for them. However, Ella began a relationship with Vijay's son, Rohan. Later she became pregnant with Vijay's grandson

Ella struggled during her pregnancy and told Vijay she was going to move back in with her parents in Idaho. Vijay said how far away that was and offered to let Ella live with him. She accepts the offer, but struggles with the new arrangement initially as she feels like he is smothering her.


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  • He speaks about 5 languages.
  • He likes to know the characteristics and feelings of the patients before making a diagnosis.
  • He was originally named 'Anil'.
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